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Maximize your ad revenue with Biondika’s AI technology and machine learning algorithms.

Get the best payouts in the industry, trough various payment models.

CPI – Get Paid Per Install 

CPA – Get Paid Per Action

Revenue Share – CPC – CPM

Global Direct Campaigns

Automatic Payments

Best Account Managers

Direct Clients.


All our clients are either direct clients or agencies with .


We optimize all our media on auto-pilot 24/7 even at times our account managers are sleeping. White and blacklisting via API.

S2S – API – SDK Integrations

AI Optimizations

Real Time Feedback & Reports

Creative Optimization

Native Advertising

Multi Channel A/B Testing 

Mobile &Web App Development



Our Studio is in charge of all our tech solutions and algorithms, we offer free inhouse creatives adjustments and support all main ad formats.

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